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  • Let your content work for you

    AudienceTV offers a fully-managed solution for content owners to increase their yield and better monetize content. We manage the entire sales and distribution process, leaving content owners to focus on what they do best – creating great content. We also understand the value of maintaining the integrity of your content and ensure that it will always only feature on brand safe sites and in the right context.

    AudienceTV is a multi-platform syndicator

    Although video advertising is still primarily web-focused, our platform provides a unified solution across all IP based devices, including broadband, mobile, connected TVs and tablets,. And we have the ability to interface with traditional TV ad-decision servers. We also proviide full visibility and transparency, delivering real-time analytics that report on the performance of your content and its value to advertisers and their audience.

    Our sophisticated syndication platform is democratizing video – come join the revolution!