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Any platform, any device

AudienceTV optimizes for audience, not hardware or application. We find the people that matter most to you – customers. Our solutions are always device and platform agnostic and our technology enables us to seamlessly serve your ads to your audience wherever they are.

Fully flexible in-stream solutions

Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll

In-stream videos deliver your ad embedded within compelling content. In-stream is ideal for repurposed TV spots or any video that is 0:15 or 0:30 seconds long.

Interactive Overlays

Interactive elements can be added to any of our in-stream units to drive engagement with your brand. Include an additional promotional message or social sharing functions to increase the network effects of your message

Interactive Ad Units

Increase the impact of your video advertising by including companion banner advertising to accompany your creative and boost your campaign.

‘Blast’ – Our basic solution for advertisers on a tight budget.
Achieve mass reach while still maintaining quality.

Basic Targeting

Targeting prevents your advertising from being overexposed and risking audience fatigue.


Optimizing View through rates on the fly and automatically creating blacklists of low performing web sites.

‘Bullseye’ – The perfect solution for advertisers trying to strike
the optimal balance of reach and quality. Pinpoint targeting
and profiling enabling optimal performance and engagement.


Refine local targeting and focus on customers that deliver the best return

Behavioural & Retargeting

Improve conversion rates by finding customers who already have the propensity

Hyper Contextual

Increase engagement and improve brand metrics by embedding your message